Advices for Jewelry Online Shopping

Jewelry has become a popular seller online in recent years, so you’re bound to see thousands of designs while shopping for jewelry on the Web. How do you choose what type of jewelry and where to buy it? It’s will be more easy with following jewelry online shopping advices.

The jewelry market is one of the most complex markets in the world with literally thousands of types of jewelries from necklaces, earrings, bracelets, finger rings and all fashion accessories that cater for women’s tastes. Online shopping offers the buyer the possibility to choose from hundreds of shops without going from store to store and wasting a lot of time searching for the perfect jewelry.

Sterling sliver jewelries are becoming more and more popular among jewelry buyers because they come at an affordable price and also stand out from all other jewelry due to the purity of the silver which is quite exquisite. These jewelries are the perfect compromise between cheap jewelries and very the very expensive ones which aren’t accessible to the regular buyer due to the fact that they come at a big price.

Lots of online shops offer this kind of jewelry for potential buyers who always have a great alternative to other types of jewelries due to the fact that quality can be found at an affordable price. Whether you are looking for an engagement ring or a necklace, sterling silver jewelries come in all shapes and sizes, satisfying everyone’s tastes, making them an ideal solution for a present.

Fine jewelry is available online for up to 50 percent less than you’d pay retail. For such a large investment, however, you’ll want to be sure you’re buying from a trusted and reliable source – and that you have done enough homework to make a smart decision.

Another advantage of online jewelry shopping is that you don’t have to stand in line when you want to purchase something also online shops are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Besides this, many online shops have special offers from time to time, price cuts and other similar advantages which put them in front of regular shops.

On many online jewelry shops you can find comments from customers which bought products from that shop, this is a great way to find out what other people think about the jewelry they had already received which will help you decide whether to buy or not from that jewelry store.

If you are confident that the site is secure and reputable, browse the categories (“sterling silver”, “freshwater pearl”, “necklaces”, “bracelets” and so on) or do a site search using the special keyword of the item you are looking for, such as “sterling silver bracelet,” “gold earrings,” “jade pendant” and so on.

Also, online jewelry stores have a contact section where you can ask questions about whether the product is available or not, this is a great way to find out more information about a specific product like its availability, shipping, payments and other similar questions.

Well developed jewelry websites present their products in a very professional matter, giving the visitor a clear idea about that specific product. Complete information can be found on the site regarding all of their products making the buyer’s life easier because they can have all the information they need about a certain product so they can easily decide which product to buy.

When you are searching for jewelry on the Web, be sure to narrow your search scope to the types of jewelry you like. Use specific styles, materials and themes to narrow your search. It’s even better if you can find an online mall and search for jewelry all in one place. These online shopping malls often offer categorized jewelry items with photos for easy shopping.

All in all, combining online jewelry shopping with sterling silver jewelries you get the perfect way to make an ideal gift to your love one, at a reasonable price. Just by clicking a few mouse buttons you will make someone’s life way happier with a piece of sterling silver jewelry.

Last Friendly Notice: Once you’ve found what you want, take the online price to your local jeweler and see if he or she will give you a similar item at the same price. This can save you shipping and handling costs and the hassle of returning something that you don’t like through the mail.

Selling Your Jewelry on Consignment: Tips for Protecting Your Interests

Selling your jewelry on consignment through shops and galleries can be a nice source of income. But consignment arrangements do bear a risk for the artist, because the shop or gallery owner holds several pieces of your jewelry for which you haven’t received payment yet

Since in a consignment arrangement you (the artist) retain ownership of your merchandise until it’s actually sold, you must take responsibility for protecting your property. Here are a few pointers to make consigning your jewelry safer for you:

1) Many states have consignment laws to protect artists. Each state’s laws are different, so it’s a good idea to check with your state legislature to be sure you know your legal rights and responsibilities before entering into a consignment agreement.

2) Check out a shop or gallery carefully before approaching them about consigning your work there. What kind of care do they appear to give the merchandise that’s already in their shop? Do you like how they display things? Do they already have items that resemble your work? Does the shop itself appear to be well cared for? Is it easy to get to, and does it attract shoppers who are in your jewelry’s target market? When it comes to choosing your consignment shops or galleries, an ounce of prevention is worth several pounds of cure!

3) When you first consign jewelry to a shop or gallery, start with just a few pieces until you feel confident that this consignment relationship will be successful. It’s not a good idea to start out by consigning more jewelry than you can afford to lose, before you’ve had a chance to “test drive” the shop.

4) Use a professional, legally-binding consignment contract that clearly spells out what is expected of the artist and of the shop. It’s a good idea to have an attorney look over the consignment agreement to be sure it doesn’t have any loopholes that could spell trouble for you. In fact, you may want to provide your own consignment contract that’s been OK’ed by your attorney.

5) Consignment shops and galleries can go in and out of business quickly, especially if the owner is inexperienced or doesn’t have a sound business plan. You may want to stick with only proven shops that have been in business for several years, or else consign a small amount of jewelry in a new store that hasn’t had a chance to prove itself yet.

6) It’s important to keep good records of your jewelry consignment inventory and every other aspect of your consignment arrangement with the shop or gallery. This includes having a record of every piece of jewelry plus any jewelry displays you have loaned to the shop. You should also keep a record of when you delivered your jewelry to the shop, how long the shop agreed to keep and display it, the retail selling price, the agreed-on consignment fee for the shop, and your agreement regarding when and how the shop will pay you and return any unsold merchandise to you.

7) Keep in close touch with the consignment shop or gallery once you’ve delivered your jewelry there. If it’s local to you, stop in periodically and check on your jewelry; are you satisfied with the condition it’s in, and with where and how it’s being displayed? If it’s in another town, call or email frequently to check on things. Invest a little effort into developing a good relationship with the shop or gallery owner.

8) Set a specific time limit (for example, three months) for the shop or gallery to sell your jewelry, and state it in your consignment agreement. If your work hasn’t sold within that time frame, arrange to have it returned to you. It doesn’t make financial sense to let your inventory sit any longer than necessary without earning you a return on your investment.

9) Discuss with your jewelry business insurance agent any additional insurance coverage recommended for consigning your work to shops or galleries. This may include damage, loss, theft, liability, etc.

In summary, there are risks and rewards involved in consigning jewelry to shops or galleries. Successful consignment selling hinges on choosing a good shop or gallery for your work, keeping detailed records of your arrangments with the shop, using a consignment agreement or contract, and protecting yourself and your jewelry from the possible risks.

Jewellery … an expression of Womanhood and Beauty!

The festive and colorful season of Holi is just round the corner and what could be a better time to multiply the joyousness of Holi then now. Abot, your online Fashion Jewellery Supplier Jaipur, has lined up a stunning and elegant collection of Jewellery in myriad designs and colors to suit every designer outfit you own. Whether you are planning to attend the lineup of Holi parties or throwing one yourself, you will find all the accessories you need under the brand of Abot the Fashion Jewellery Supplier in Jaipur.

What sets us apart!

With the passage of time, jewellery has made transitions that were unthinkable before. From the traditional to the modern has been a journey in time and has successfully created a history in the making. The way you shop has changed too. From the time one would go shopping to a store with a flutter in the stomach and the heart beating faster at the prospect of buying jewellery, to now, when one can shop from the comfort of home. The choices available are multifold, as are the online stores, but what sets us apart is the assortment of jewellery and accessories and the range of prices they are available at. Our choicest collection is bound to bring a smile to your faces and delight everyone around you for the charisma your personality will exude as you flaunt your priced possessions.


The Collection!

Our exotic array comprises of beautiful bangles and bracelets to adorn your delicate wrists. The selection of rings in the most beautiful cuts and stones, chosen with utmost care, will enhance the beauty of your manicured hands. The necklaces and necklace sets have been handpicked to ensure that you get to chose from among the best of the best. If you are looking for something simpler yet ethnic, you can choose from the array of beautiful and intricate chains and pendant sets.


The hair jewellery and accessories provide the desired look to your crowning glory and the hair style you choose for a special occasion. For those of you who want the cool and elegant look for a party and yet look traditional, we have just the right combination in the array of earrings that will give you the desired effect. From the traditional kundan work Jaipur is famous for housing to the modern chandelier earrings, we have it all.

The array of nose pins and nose rings that will add to your face value making you look and feel like royalty has been especially chosen keeping in mind the delicate look that you would want to sport as you dress up for a special occasion. The “maang tikas” provide the complete Indian traditional look for a family wedding, enhancing your beauty.

Shop away to your heart’s content, for your jewellery shopping now is just a click away and so very affordable with Abot.

Shop online for the best jewelry: with trust

Since times the humans lived in caves, it has been captivating for us to adorn ourselves with accessories to enhance our beauty and self esteem. We as humans need the reinforcement that we look good, pretty or simply nice to keep us from being buoyed down by the daily struggles and managing of life, work and relations. With the change in times the way we adorn ourselves changes but Jewellery retained its core. Flowers, petals and wood were replaced by precious metals, stones and like and have stayed. Our evolution as a civilization also has been affected by our Jewellery. With change in time, the way we make Jewellery has changed but at the core the reason remains: it makes us feel nice and cared for.Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings

Did you go online to buy?

Whenever you buy wedding rings or a piece of jewelry you feel elated and if you are gifted once, your level of happiness and joy is beyond measure. Even the simplest of Jewellery says that you care like nothing else. Sometimes, you are merely buying a piece to feel good, simple and elegant to change the way you look. While Jewellery is like a safe investment with the increase in precious metals prices each day, it also is a way to show how much you value the relationship since you are ready to invest so much. Today, the options to buy what you want or to get what you like are no longer bound or dictated by your physical location and geographical reach. The online world and the web have changed the way you shop for your jewelry too.

What choices do you have that can be trusted?

While most of us might feel the fear that online shopping offers, it is completely natural to feel the scare. It is a deep routed feeling of losing our money. Today, most online stores are validated and provide you authentic jewelry certificates. You can also fully verify their physical existence and location through countless media. Many Jewellery chain stores have their websites, where you can make a purchase and your jewelry will be delivered at home.

Why shop online for Jewellery?

While many of us might feel comfortable with our regular jeweler, online Jewellery shopping offers an extensive range of benefits

You have more options to look at, compare and chose from
Your choices and decisions are not limited or dictated by your reach to only give number of Jewellery stores in your area. You can search far and near for any kind of design you want, need or like
Convenience of shopping at any time of the day whenever you can spare some time
No need to make hasty decision, you can pick, chose and see at your own leisure and with peace of mind
You will find more choices of metals, semi and precious stones to choose from

In order to find the right thing for yourself, you have to search a bit. Nothing helps you find the right jewelry than online shopping with trusted jewelry stores. You can also reap the benefits of lower prices, faster and more prompt services of your needs. Try it once to see what amazing options you can uncover and how many choices you have.

Body Jewelry Shop to Decorate Your Body With Ornaments

Decorating oneself with ornaments is a very ancient tradition. If you look back at human history, you would find that men and women have tried many different ways to look and feel different right from the start of civilization. Wearing jewelry is one of those ways to beautify yourself where you need to get your body part pierced to wear a jewelry on it. This may seem bizarre to some but one look at teenage boys and girls around the world and it becomes clear that jewelry tradition is going very strong indeed. Even the celebrities have been bitten by this jewelry bug and sportingly display their pierced body parts and beautiful jewelry worn on them.

Body jewelry makes this practice of body piercing pleasurable

In the Indian subcontinent, women have been wearing nose rings and ear rings after getting piercings in their noses and ears since time immemorial. However, body jewelry has gone a step further and allows one to get more areas of his body pierced and then hang jewelry items. If you are an avid jewelry fan, you know that lip piercing and navel piercing are two of the most common practices to flaunt body jewelry. Many men and women go for piercing of their nipples to be able to wear pins and rings on their chests also. This is not all as one can spot men and women with pins and rings on many other places in their faces and backs.

Body jewelry is still considered unconventional and it is hard to find a body jewelry shop in all cities and rural areas. This is despite the growing popularity of body jewelry culture and more and more youth getting their bodies pierced and looking for reliable sources of body jewelry items. If you love jewelry and already have piercings on several body parts, you know how important it is to find a body piercing studio and then shops selling jewelry to be able to continue with your practice that is being labeled as another form of body art.

Ways to find a decent jewelry shop

If you happen to live in an area where this fashion of jewelry is not popular, I can understand your frustration at not being able to find new and latest body jewelry items. Body jewelry is different from the traditional jewelry in the sense that it is not made of gold and diamond. It is also different as it is worn after piercing body parts and there is some risk of catching an infection. The material with which body jewelry is made is very important as there are many who are allergic to nickel and some other materials. If you too belong to the category of jewelry enthusiasts suffering from allergy to nickel, you must buy these jewelry items from a shop that you can rely upon.

You can find many shops selling these items on internet

If you have no clue, you can start by asking the counter salesman at the jewelry kiosk at the local mall in your area. Some shops selling traditional jewelry often have a section of jewelry. Sensing the craze for these jewelry items, many people have started selling body jewelry items from separate counters in their shops. However, it is always better to look for a shop that specializes in jewelry. It is easy to get to a good source of jewelry items with the help of a friend who already has piercings and dons different jewelry items on his body parts. Many body piercing studios sell jewelry items to cater to the requirements of their customers. Internet has fast emerged as the best source for good quality jewelry these days. No matter which part of the world you live in, it is possible for you to buy and wear body jewelry items. It is much convenient to do the shopping for body jewelry items on internet as you can browse through all the categories within a few minutes and finalize the items that you like. Just pay through your credit card and you can expect the jewelry items to be delivered at your address within a few days.

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